Live to Ride and Ride to Live

Look twice and save a life!
Motorcycles are Everywhere

Visit The Red Knights Motorcycle Club--
An international association for firefighters who ride.

North-Central Massachusetts home of Red Knights Massachusetts Chapter 2.

Before we go out on the bike, though, we gotta make some travel plans. What's planned for rides? Let's look to see what the weather is for New England before we leave. And here is a great page for motorcycle links in case we're looking for something special.

(If we must eat to live... and we also live to ride... does that mean we ride to eat? Visit the RKMC Mass-2 Home Page to see what we have planned for rides and events.)

These are two of my nephews (a number of years ago).

Ride with me!

The road reaches a summit and then drops steeply into
a valley that becomes more exquisite as we descend.
I never thought I would call a valley that... exquisite...
but there's something about this whole coastal country so different
from any other mountainous region in America
that it brings out the word. The hills are somehow tucked
and folded differently...exquisitely. The road twists and banks
and curly-cues and descends and we and the motorcycle smoothly roll with it,
following it in a separate grace of our own,
almost touching the waxen leaves of shrubs and overhanging boughs of trees.
The firs and rocks of the higher country are behind us now and around us are soft
hills and vines and purple and red flowers,
fragrance mixed with wood smoke up from the distant fog
along the valley floor and from beyond that,
unseen...a vague scent of ocean. --

From the Book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert M. Pirsig

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle, lie back, close your eyes and think of one of your favorite motorcycle rides. I bet you can smell the smells, feel the wind, taste the clean air, and tell me what you thought of and who was with you on that ride. Thatís the kind of memory that makes riding so special to each of us.

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