Why would you see a Goldwing on the side of the Road??

The top 15 reasons are...

  1. The cappuccino machine needs cleaning
  2. His co-rider went to sleep and he hated to wake her up
  3. He needed to put 10 new CDs in the CD changer
  4. The refrigerator mounted on the trailer hitch can't keep the ice cream frozen on hot days, so he stopped to eat it
  5. He had a fax coming in on the first line, so he thought he'd better disconnect the modem from the second line in case someone was trying to reach him on his helmet phone
  6. The last big bump made his Lazy-Boy seat come to full upright position, so he had to stop to adjust it
  7. His tax accountant has scheduled a conference call with his portfolio manager, and he wanted to take a few notes
  8. He just crossed a time zone and he needed to reset the time on his VCR so it records the right programs for him to watch tonight
  9. He has a 200 mile gas tank range, but only a 175 mile bladder range
  10. His A/C vents were pointed too far into the wind stream to keep him cool
  11. He stopped to take the chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, but now his ice cream is all gone, so what can he eat with them?
  12. He was confirming tonight's reservation at the Hilton 800 miles ahead
  13. He wanted to color in another state on his travel map
  14. He had a bug splattered on his chrome and he needed to get it polished before the bug dried on
  15. He stopped to help the Harley that was stopped along the road

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