Visual Basic Class Project

Spring, 2000

Anne VanTine



This application enables a user to narrow down a list of activities available on Cape Cod to see the ones of interest, and select items from that list to create an individual vacation plan.  Any number of individual plans can be saved and retrieved and modified.


Image of the Main Form

Image of Message & Dialog Boxes

Image of Database Relationships

Sample Report

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Functionality of the Main Form


The main form is roughly divided into three sections to narrow the range of events, to view and select events, and to view and manipulate an individualized plan.

Menu Functions


The application has menu selections to select start a New plan, Open an existing plan, Save a plan, Save as with a new name, and exit.  If the user tries to open a new or existing plan or exit when the current plan has not been saved, the application.


Further Information

This project evolved my Guide to Cape Cod that I did for an HTML course previously.  That web site is at 


The data in my database is real (except for Seal Cruise times), but it's only a small subset of available events from the National Seashore, Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, and Cape Cod Museum of Natural History.


There's more information about the sponsors of these events and links to their web site at  (or go to the Cape Cod site at and select "Tours").


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