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Port and other Dessert Wines       Feb. 9, 2002

Wine with more than 14% alcohol is called Dessert Wine. The Sherry region of Spain and the Port region of Portugal have made quite a specialty of it. Dessert Wine is the legal U.S. terminology for these wines. In Europe they are called liqueur wines. Te terms can be misleading, as these wines are not always sweet and suitable for dessert, and fortified is probably a better term. From Dirck & Larry's announcement.

From the Bottle Label
1 Moscato Bianco 1996, Millbrook Vinyards, NY (Grapes from Central Coast, Mistral Valley, CA) Would be wonderful with fruit or cheese.
2 Yalumba "Old Sweet White" Barossa dessert wine, Australia, $18/split Full of flowers, nutty, syrupy -- could almost be used on waffles
3 Blandy's "5 year old" Malmsey Madiera, $23 Less nose that one before, better finish, very smooth
4 Lustau (sic?) Dry Olorosio " Don Muño" Sherry, $16 (late entry) VERY DRY! Would have been better to have before the Yalumba
5 Lustau Solera Reserva Deluxe Cream "Capatex Audrés" Sherry, $10 More nose than the above, everyone felt it was "nice," very smooth
6 Dow's Fine Tawny Porto, $PU Very profund, great color - ruby , smooth, huge at first but quick finish
7 Imperial Ruby "Porto Barros," $8 Slow to start, has a cutting edge, but a long, clean finish