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Gewurztraminer    November 8 , 2003

This wine is considered a versatile wine, good with lobster, ham, sausage, smoked salmon, smoked turkey, creamy cheese such as Brie, Munster even a British hard cheese, or a creamy Stilton or Roquefort. Veggies and other foods will help to balance the above.

This wine is spicy, flavorful and should be consumed young (3-5 yrs) after bottling in Alsace. Gewurtz from Alsace is different from either California or Oregon, which has less pungency and is more flowery. Sonoma has some good examples as well as San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara.

From the Bottle Label
1 2001 Sakonnett Estate Grown and Bottled  
2 2001 W. Gisselbrecht Vin d'Alsace $11.99 The best: good balance, a little flower not too much.
3 2000 Trimbach Alsace $17.99  
4 2001 DeLoach Estate-bottled Russian River Valley Early Harvest Perfumy and over-sweet
5 1990 Homemade from Columbia River Gorge grapes Too old; had no character
6 2000 Trimbach Alsace (compare to the one below) More robust
7 1999 Trimbach Alsace $15 less character, maybe too old