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Syrah, Semillon, Sauvignon, Wines that begin with "S"     Nov. 9, 2002


From the Bottle Label
1 Sancerre 2001 $15 Curvee Moulius Bales "Yummy" -- this went great with the smoked oysters in a salmon sauce
2 Shiraz Cabernet 2001 $13 Penfolds Koonunga Hill Needed a bit of breathing, but quickly became quite nice Liked by all -- had some "fire power"
3 Cabernet Shiraz 2000 $11 Buckeleys Got much better with breathing "Would be great with hot dogs and beans"
4 Shiraz - McLaren Vale & Longhone Creek 2000 $19 Rosemont Estate "Show Reserve" 24 months in the barrel, both old and new Oak Very well received by all. A really nice, well rounded Shiraz
5 Series 2000 "Sweet Harvest" Videl Blanc Sakonnett $??? (Probably $15-20) A very nice dessert wine
6 Sauternes 1982 Chateau Roumieu $??? (Probably $40-70 if available now) From Dorcee Rommer's cellar "Thank you Dorcee..." This was just outstanding, felt like chocolate and gold going down...