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Sparkling Wines     Dec. 14, 2002

In the universe of wines, Sparkling Wines are a system unto themselves. They come in a wide range of quality, with Champagne at the top. In addition to the Champagne region of France, Sparkling Wines are also produced in other regions of France, the Asti region of Italy, northeastern Spain, Germany, and parts of California and New York. Even Russia makes Sparkling Wine! These are areas where it is usually too cool to produce still wine.

From the Bottle Label
1 G.H. Mumm & Co. -- Reims France Carte Class Gue Extra Dry $26  
2 Prosecco Ville Cornaro Extra Dry Vino Spumante 2001  
3 Champagne Nicolas Fevillatte Chailly Epernay, France Brut Priemier Cru  
4 Vevue Clicquot Ponsendin Brut Champagne Reims France $25