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Persuasion: Messages, Receivers, and Contexts

Published by Rowman & Littlefield

It's easy to succeed when everything is going right for you. But, when the going gets tough you need to become more persuasive. That's when you should turn to the experts for help!

This state-of-the-art book summarizes what the experts know to date about what works. The author, Dr. William (Will) Rogers —Author Bio— has taught people for thirty years about how to start using the power of persuasion!


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Make your own ads Visual-Rhetoric Clothing power
Architectural power Debate terms & tips Writing speeches
Persuasive speeches Print ads analysis Pop Culture
Storytelling persuasion Political campaigns Agonism


Settings for persuasion discussed in text

Conversations, debates, speeches spoken or written, persuasive letters and essays, print advertisements, propaganda campaigns, selling face-to-face, leading groups, taking cases to small claims court, controversial public discussions, getting dates, succeeding in politics.

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Two professional reviews of the Rogers Persuasion text

"This text has a number of strengths that will make it attractive and useful. The book's wide variety of well-chosen examples will resonate with many readers, and by combining traditional theories and perspectives with up-to-date research, it provides a very progressive outlook. Rogers's conversational tone is also extremely accessible." James J. Kimble, Seton Hall University; author, Mobilizing the Home Front: War Bonds and Domestic Propaganda."

"Rogers's text is quite comprehensive; it is well organized and well focused, reflecting the time and energy spent on compiling the various sources. The text takes readers through a step-by-step process that they will find helpful." Joe Wilferth, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga."


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